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“Finally I can photobomb myself!” – Benedict Cumberbatch measures up for his wax figure!

Benedict’s figure will be ‘premiere ready’, showing the actor looking impeccably groomed in a stylish dark suit. His immaculate red carpet style will be paired with a warm and relaxed expression, and his famous tousled hairstyle. It will take up residence in October. (x)

(Source: benedictdaily)


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-        Article on set designer Es Devlin. Two snippets on Benedict’s Hamlet:

'This Catholic inheritance has proved richly useful for Es. Ask her about it and she’ll speak nostalgically of “chanting the mass in Latin, setting up the wine and wafer props in the golden theatre of the Eucharist cabinet on the altar, chiming the bells on cue”. (Great-uncle Christopher’s essay “Hamlet’s Divinity” will soon be on Benedict Cumberbatch’s reading list: she and Lyndsey Turner, also raised a Catholic, want their new production to have a purgatorial air.)’

'Will it be possible? The production is two years away. Perhaps the technology doesn’t exist now, but very soon, it might. This is typical Devlin. When I ask what she’s planning for the Cumberbatch “Hamlet”, she answers with a question. “What if we could use sound to modulate and expand and contract the space of the Barbican? His soliloquy could fill the whole theatre. What if you felt like you were in his head?”'

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